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Training Programmes

The performance and growth of sugarcane and sugar sector much depends upon the skills and knowledge of human resources involve in it. Sugarcane production system’s effectiveness depends largely on the people and clientele groups involved in production system. Human resources are dynamic and complex and so is their development. Human Resource Development under the present context refers to the improvements in the capacities and capabilities of the personnel in relation to the needs of the sugar industry and sugarcane production system. HRD creates a climate in which the flower of human knowledge, skills, capabilities and creativity can bloom. HRD is generally brought about through a bunch of sub-systems all of which are meant to focus on development of the individuals and groups constituting the social system of the organization or farming systems, one of these sub-systems is training.

Training may be defined as any attempt to improve performance of the individual or group in the currently held job/activities/farm operation or one related to sugarcane production and sugar making. This usually means changes in specific knowledge, skills, attitudes or behavior.

With this all about purpose and objective of training the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow regularly organizes training for different clientele groups depending upon the need and demand of the groups and emergent need of sugarcane and sugar sector of the country.

Training module developed at IISR focuses on the following thrust areas:

  1. Overall Sugarcane and Sugar scenario at National and International level
  2. Sugarcane varieties for different agro climatic regions of the country
  3. Techniques of seed cane production and multiplication
  4. Varietals planning, replacement, development and harvesting schedule
  5. Agro-techniques of sugarcane cultivation in tropical and sub tropical regions of the country
  6. Crop diversification in sugarcane production system for maximizing system yield and profit
  7. Water management in sugarcane for economizing use of irrigation water
  8. Management of ratoon crop
  9. Mechanization in sugarcane
  10. Sugarcane development strategies in sugar mill zone areas
  11. Agro techniques for sugarcane cultivation under biotic and abiotic stress conditions
  12. Physiological and bio-chemical aspects for yield improvement
  13. Post-harvest management in sugarcane
  14. Biological control of insect-pests / diseases
  15. Case Study: Success stories in sugarcane
  16. ICT based expert system in sugarcane
  17. Climate resilience cane agriculture
  18. Integrated communication strategy for enhancing cane acreage and yield in sugarcane mill zone areas

Objectives of Training

  • To disseminate the information on latest sugarcane production technology to different clientele group.
  • To upgrade knowledge and enhance skills of human resources engaged in sugarcane production.
  • To develop expert trainer, in sugarcane cultivation techniques, who may serve as ambassador of IISR technologies in sugarcane growing areas of the country.

Training for Different Clientele Groups

Training Facilities

Most learned and knowledgeable faculty in all disciplines of sugarcane is our core competency for organizing state of the art training programme. The training unit of the Institute is well equipped with all infrastructure facilities required for organizing residential training programme viz., e-lecture room, guest house/farmers’hostel, cafeteria, Demonstration fields, recreation, transportation, support staff etc. we also had good liasaioning with other institutions like research, development and sugar industry for imparting practical learning in the area of training.

How to get Organized Sponsored Training

Sugar Industry/sugar mill, Cane development department, agriculture department, state agencies, NGOs, Farmers Group may contact or write to given below officer(s) for getting organized sponsored training programme.

Contact details

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