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Online Examination Centre

ASRB, New Delhi has decided to change over existing onsite examination to online examination system for a revised examination pattern. With this objective, ASRB has initiated a project under NAIP entitled “Developing, Commissioning, Operating and Managing an Online System for NET / ARS – Prelim Examination in ASRB, ICAR”. The project proposes to develop, install operate and maintain an online examination system.

IISR, Lucknow has been selected as one of the Nodal centre for organizing online examination under NAIP project of ASRB. Institute has been assigned responsibility to establish necessary infrastructure for conducting online examination by way of developing an Online Examination Hall at the institute. Institute has developed online examination centre in library building with 100 sitting capacity. Centre is equipped with state of the art local area network to serve as a back-bone to online examination system. Necessary computing and networking equipments has been installed to conduct online examination.

It will serve as a national facility for online examination for use of not only ASRB but also by the ICAR administration for online audit examination, online scholarship and admission examination of the Education Division of ICAR and staff recruitment through online testing.