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Project Details of Division of Crop Production

Institute Projects

Title of the Project
PI & Associates
Tillage techniques in plant ratoon system for improving soil health and increasing sugarcane yield in sub-tropical India (A 1.2.29)
S.K. Shukla, A.K. Singh, R. Gupta
2012- 2015
Effect of biomanuring on sugarcane productivity and soil properties under plant and subsequent ratoons (A 2.31) K.P. Singh, T.K. Srivastava and Puspha Singh 2003-LT
Yield maximization through optimizing shoot population density (A 1.1.30) T.K. Srivastava, A.K. Singh, Ishwar Singh  2012 – 2015
Standardization and optimization of cane node technology for sugarcane planting (A 1.1.31) S.N. Singh & T.K. Srivastava 2012- 2015
Entrepreneurship development for sugarcane seed production and multiplication (ET 1.14) A.K. Sah, S.N. Singh, Kamta Prasad, Sanjeev Kumar 2012 - 2015
Assessment of sugarcane cultivation machines (RMD & RBS-cum-planter) on farmers’ field (ET 1.13) A.K. Sah, A.K. Singh, Kamta Prasad, R.K. Singh 2012-2015
Documentation and confirmation of ITK under sugarcane based cropping System (The project was initially planned for 2009-12 duration, however, it was deferred upto 2012 and actually initiated from 2012) (ET 1.12) Kamta Prasad, T.K. Srivastava, K.P. Singh, R. Gupta, A.K. Sah 2012-2015
Rationalizing irrigation water use through optimizing field application parameters (A 1.2.30) Rajendra Gupta, A.K. Singh, Pushpa Singh 2013 – 2015 (New)
Assessing nutrient interaction for sustaining sugarcane productivity and soil health (A 2.36) R.R. Verma, Ishwar Singh, R.K. Rai Feb. 2013 – March 2016 (New)


Externally Funded Projects

Title of the Project PI & Associates Duration Project Cost
Carbon sequestration potential of sugarcane based cropping system for sustaining crop health and crop productivity in Uttar Pradesh (DST, GOI) - 2012-2015 67.204 lakhs


Contract Research Projects

Title of the Project PI & Associates Duration Project Cost
Evaluationof sulfentrozone 48% F for weed control in sugarcane (FMC) A.K. Singh, T.K. Srivastava, S. Solomon 2012- 2014 7.5 lakh
The effect of sugaring on yield and quality of sugarcane crop in composition with bentonife S. sulfozinc and calcium nitrate (Sri Ram (DSCL) S.N. Singh, T.K. Srivastava, S. Solomon 2012 – 2014 5.0 lakh
Studies on the effect of Zinc bensulf on yield and quality of sugarcane (Deepak Fertilizers & Petro chemicals Co. Ltd.) R.R. Verma, S. Solomon, S.N. Singh, V. Visha Kumari 2013-2015 6.0 lakh
Enhancing water & nutrient use efficiency through drip irrigation & fertigation in spring planted sugarcane under sub-tropical condition (Jain Irrigation) Rajendra Gupta, S.N. Singh 2012-2014 6.0 lakh
Performance evaluation of Pusa Hydrogel in sugarcane (NRDC) Ishwar Singh, T.K. Srivastava, R.R. Verma 2013-2014 1.0 lakh


Coordinated Projects

Title of the Project PI & Associates Duration
Agronomic evaluation of promising genotypes of sugarcane (AS 42) S.K. Shukla, Ishwar Singh Long term
Response of sugarcane crop to different plant nutrients in varied agro-ecological situations (AS 64) C. Gupta, S.N. Singh, S.K. Shukla, A.K. Singh 2011-2014
Enhancing sugarcane productivity and profitability under wheat-sugarcane cropping system (AS 65) Ishwar Singh, S.N. Singh Oct. 2012-June 2015
Optimization fertigation schedule for sugarcane through micro-irrigation technique under different agro-climatic conditions (AS 67) R. Gupta, S.K. Shukla, C. Gupta 2012-2014