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Project Details of Division of Physiology & Biochemistry

Institute Project

Title of the Project    Name of PI with associates Duration
Optimization of plant population for improving physiological efficiency of sugarcane. (PB-23)
R.K. Rai, PI; A.K. Shrivastava, R. Banerjee, P. Singh, R. Jain, A. Chandra, S.Solomon
March 2010-March 2015
Developing a technology for preservation and packaging of sugarcane juice. (PB-26) R. Banerjee, PI, A. Chandra, S.I. Anwar, S.Solomon April 2012-March 2015
Molecular study to reveal transcriptomes and genes associated with sucrose (GAS) transport and accumulation in sugarcane. (PB-27) A. Chandra, PI, R. Jain, S.Solomon March 2012-March, 2015
Minimizing post harvest sucrose deterioration and its molecular assessment. (PB-28) S.Solomon,A. Chandra PI and R. Jain March 2012-March 2015

Externally Funded Projects

Title of the Project    Name of PI with associates Duration
Post –harvest formation of polysaccharides and non-sugar compounds in sugarcane at low and high temperatures and their impact on sugar recovery (DST, New Delhi).    
Functional genomic analysis of differential accumulation of sucrose targeting genes of invertase, sucrose synthase and sucrose phosphate synthase and their impact on source-sink relationships in sugarcane (DST, New Delhi)
Amaresh Chandra, PI; Radha Jain, S. Solomon
July 2013-June 2016

Contract Research

Title of the Project    Name of PI with associates Duration
Effect of silica granules on growth, yield and juice quality parameters of sugarcane (Privi Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai)    

Inter-institutional Project

Title of the Project Name of PI with associates Duration
Screening and identification of sugarcane lines tolerant to water-logging and their physio-biochemical investigation S. Solomon-Coordinator, R. Jain, PI; A. Chandra; A.D. Pathak; M. Swapna; Viresh Singh (G.B.S.B.I, Seorahi), Davendra Kumar; Vinay Srivastava (UPCSR, Shahjahanpur), R. Durai (Shakti Sugar Mill, Orissa) April 2013-March 2016