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Project Details of Division of Crop Improvement

Institute Projects

Title of the Project PI & Associates Duration
Collection, maintenance, evaluation and documentation of sugarcane germplasm under sub-tropical conditions (B 1.7) P.K. Singh, Sanjeev Kumar and J. Singh 1994-LT
Development of sugarcane breeding stocks for high sugar (B 2.3) Raman Kapur and S.K. Duttamajumder 1993-2014
Development of top borer tolerant genetic stocks of sugarcane (B 2.9) A.D. Pathak, R.K. Rai, M.R. Singh and Rajesh Kumar 2000-LT
Development of breeding stocks of sugarcane for durable resistance to red rot (2.14) D.K. Pandey, Sunita Lal, J. Singh and Sanjeev Kumar 2004-LT
Elucidation of species chromosomal complement in sugarcane genotypes under sub-tropical conditions (B 3.17) Sangeeta Srivastava and Raman Kapur 2010-2015
Identification and expression analysis of resistance gene analogues against red rot disease in sugarcane (B 3.18) Sangeeta Srivastava, Ramji Lal, R.K. Singh and M. Swapna 2010-2014
Development of sugarcane varieties for sub-tropics (B 2.13) J. Singh, D.K. Pandey, Sanjeev Kumar, R.K. Singh (Biotech.) and T.K. Srivastava 2003-LT
Mapping of loci linked to sugar content in sugarcane (B 3.19) M. Swapna, Sangeeta Srivastava and D.K. Pandey 2009-2015
Identification and validation of molecular markers for red rot resistance in sugarcane (B 3.20) R.K. Singh and Sunita Lal 2013-2016
Development of waterlogging tolerant and red-rot resistant sugarcane clones for North Central Zone (Bm 2.16) Sanjeev Kumar and Ramji Lal 2012-2015


Coordinated Projects

Title of the Project PI & Associates Duration
Zonal varietal trials of early varieties for north western zone J. Singh, D.K. Pandey LT
Evaluation of sugarcane clones under Zonal Varietal Trials for North Central and Eastern Zone A D Pathak LT
Zonal varietal trials of mid late varieties for north western zone Sanjeev Kumar and P.K. Singh LT