Committed for an efficient, globally competitive and vibrant sugarcane agriculture


IISR is committed to develop and strengthen linkages with national and international institutions involved in sugarcane research and development as well as strengthening the existing AICRP(S). With the emergence of private sector in agricultural research and development, public-private partnership in sugarcane research and development will be forthcoming for strategic and locations specific technology development and dissemination. To meet the quality seed requirement sugar mills have to come in a big way to boost the production and productivity of sugarcane.

National level
a) SBI, Coimbatore
i. Effecting matings involving proposed parents and supply of viable fluff for raising sufficient seedling populations.
ii. Intercross block for selected material of IISR.
iii. Manipulation/induction of flowering to explore utilization of selected material.
iv. Supply of germplasm for evaluation in a phased manner.
b) NSI, Kanpur
i. Estimation of quality parameters and ex-aiming ways to make payment on the basis of quality particularly in subtropics.
ii. Application of biotechnology in the production and upgradation of sugarcane co-products, having industrial and commercial value.
c) SRS and SAUs
With Sugarcane Research Stations and State Agricultural Universities for testing of technologies developed by the Institute and quick dissemination of viable technologies to the farmers.
d) State Govt. and sugar factories
With State Sugar Departments and sugar factories for testing and verification of research results of the Institute.

International level
With International Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources and International Society of Sugarcane Technologists to participate in the sugarcane genetic resources programme.
b) Countries and universities
With different foreign universities and Governments dealing with sugarcane like, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Australia, etc.