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Staff of Division of Crop Improvement

S. No. Name Designation Discipline
1 Dr. Raman Kapur Head of Division Plant Breeding
2 Dr. D R Malaviya Principal Scientist  
3 Dr. J. Singh Principal Scientist Plant Breeding
4 Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Principal Scientist Cytogenetics and Genetics
5 Dr. D.K. Pandey Principal Scientist Plant Breeding
6 Dr. P.K. Singh Principal Scientist Plant Breeding
7 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Principal Scientist Plant Breeding
8 Dr. M. Swapna Principal Scientist Genetics
9 Dr. A K Mall Senior Scientist  
10 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Senior Scientist Agricultural Biotechnology
1 Mr. C P Singh Assistant Chief Technical Officer  
2 Mrs. Hem Lata Madhok Assistant Chief Technical Officer  
3 Sri Raghwendra Kumar Senior Technical Officer  
4 Sri Ram Kumar Gautam Senior Technical Officer  
5 Sri. Ram Murti Technical Officer  
1 Smt. R S Srivastava Private Secretary  
1 Sri Raja Ram