Committed for an efficient, globally competitive and vibrant sugarcane agriculture

Membership of ASTI

There are following classes of members:

  1. Patrons
  2. Companion
  3. Fellows
  4. Student


Qualifications of Members:


Any person connected with sugarcane cultivation/industry, who contributes not less than Rs. 2,50,00/- to the funds of the Association shall be eligible to be a Patron.

Companion Members:

Companion members shall be companies or firms or co-operatives who are interested in or connected with sugarcane industry. Every firm or cooperate body which is a Companion member shall have the right to nominate a responsible person as its representative who will attend meetings, vote on its behalf and exercise all other rights of a member.


A fellow shall be a person who is at least 25 years of age and who holds a university degree and has held a responsible position in the sugarcane or allied industries for a period of at least five years or holds a post-graduate qualification in sugarcane agriculture technology/or engineering/has an equivalent post graduate qualification. A fellow may become life member in his class by paying 10 years subscription in a lump sum.

Student Members:

A student member shall be a person who is at least 18 years of age and who is receiving technical training in sugarcane agriculture or equivalent discipline in a recognized institution in India.


Admission of Members:

Applications for admission to the Association shall be made to the Secretary for every class of membership, in the form prescribed for the purpose (Appendix-I). This form may be modified by the Council from time to time as and when the Council desires. No application shall be entertained unless accompanied by the prescribed admission fee, which shall not be refunded even if admission is refused.

A candidate passing the examination conducted by the Association shall be eligible for admission as an Associate.

Voting for the admission of a member shall be by ballot of the members of the Council or by circulation of the proposal.


Membership Fee:

Sustaining Member Rs. 50000
Patron member Rs. 10000 and above
Life Member Rs. 1500
Companion member (Companies & firms) Rs. 2500
Fellow member (Annual) Rs. 150
Student member (Annual) Rs. 50
Library Member (Annual) Rs. 500

Note: The payment to be made by cash/multicity cheque/demand draft in favour of the Secretary, ASTI payable at Lucknow.