Committed for an efficient, globally competitive and vibrant sugarcane agriculture


The Institute library has rich collection of literature on sugarcane and sugar industry. It has some rare books, monograph on sugarcane/sugar crops. The library have built up a good facility in terms of research journals (Indian and Foreign), Annual reviews, books, reports, Thesis, Proceedings etc., in relation to sugarcane agriculture and sugar processing. The library has collection of nearly 7639 books and 395 periodicals comprise of nearly 18,100 volumes. The mission of institute library is to provide all kinds of literature on sugarcane to end users. The effort has made to procure latest publications on sugarcane and sugar crops. It is noteworthy that the sizeable number of Hindi books/publications has been purchase and placed in library during past five years. Besides it, institute library provides CD-ROM data base search, retrieval and Xerox services to all users. Scientists have on line access to large number of research journals search facility through J-Gate, Consortium of E Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) web site

The efforts have been made to digitize institutes annual reports and other key publications. Digital library may be accessed through the Internet and Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). They can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. They are not tied to the physical location and operating hours of traditional library. The effort has been made for automation of library services through procurement of open source library software such as KOHA and ancillary facility.

Staff of Library

Dr. Sharmila Roy, (Principal Scientist) In-charge Library
Sh. Ghanshyam Ram, (Assistant Chief Technical Officer)
Sh. R.N. Bharti, (Sr. Technical Officer)
Sh. Ashish Singh Yadav, (Sr. Technical Assistant)
Sh. Kapil Dev Pandey, (Technician)

List of Journals in library

Books in Hindi

Publications for sale