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Jaggery Unit

All India Co-ordinated Project on Processing, Handling and Storage of Jaggery (Gur) and Khandsari was sanctioned by Indian Council of Agricultural Research on Dec 08, 1988 during VII Five Year Plan. It aimed at improving productivity, quality and storability of gur and khandsari through development of better and standardized processes, equipments and management technology. The Co-ordination cell was located at this institute with its Lucknow centre. Later on AICRP (Jaggery and Khandsari) was merged with AICRP (PHT), the Co-ordination Cell of which is located at CIPHET, Ludhiana. Work on jaggery remained to be continued at IISR and now the unit has emerged as Jaggery Unit catering the need of research & development, training & demonstration and transfer of improved technology of sugarcane processing for juice, jaggery and other juice/jaggery based value-added products.

Vision and Mission

  • To develop low cost, energy efficient jaggery production and storage technology from sugarcane.


  • To enhance quality of jaggery manufacturing through improved post-harvest processes, technology, management and value addition.


  • To improve productivity, quality and storability of jaggery and demonstrate the improved post-harvest processes and equipment/gadgets to the users for adoption.

Major Activities

  • Improvement in juice recovery in sugarcane crushers.

  • Effective juice clarification techniques and development/identification of clarifiers of vegetative origin.

  • Improved furnaces/devices for juice heating, boiling and concentration with fuel economy and reduced drudgery.

  • Improved packaging of jaggery for enhanced shelf life.

  • Development of sugarcane juice/jaggery based value-added products for consumers’ acceptability and fighting mal/under nutrition.

  • Development of small and medium storage structures for reduction of storage losses.

  • Semi-automation of jaggery making process.

  • Upgrading knowledge and skill of farmers and jaggery manufacturers through specialized training programmes/live demonstrations.

Facilities Available

  • Crusher shed housing vertical and horizontal crushers for juice extraction
  • Furnace house having improved IISR furnaces
  • Land for growing vegetative clarificants
  • Facility for juice sampling
  • Jaggery drying-cum-storage godown
  • Juice processing Lab having
  • Vacuum oven
  • Texture analyzer
  • Band sealer with nitrogen flushing
  • Mechanical jaggery drier
  • Hot air oven
  • Environment control chamber
  • Dehumidifier
  • Laboratory crushers
  • Bomb calorimeter
  • Digital refractometer
  • Anemometer
  • Refrigerator
  • Shrink wrapping machine
  • Colour meter
  • pH meter

Project Details

Staff of the unit

Technologies developed

Sugarcane Peeler 3-roller horizontal crusher
Small capacity domestic crusher Mechanical juice filtration unit
IISR 2-pan furnace IISR improved 3-pan furnace
Modified pans for jaggery furnace Juice churning device
Jaggery moulding frame Jaggery 1” cubes
Moulding frame for rectangular jaggery Rectangular jaggery
Mechanical jaggery dryer Jaggery solar dryer
IISR Jaggery drying-cum-storage bin Jaggery packaging


Distinguished visitors

DG, ICAR and Secretary DARE, Govt. of India visiting Ikshu Hub and Jaggery Unit
Visit of DDG (CS) to Ikshu Hub Visit of Nobel Laureate Dr Norman Borlaug
Visit of Sri Lankan Minister Mr Senewiratne Visit of Sri Lankan Minister H.E. Mr Reginold Cooray
Visit of DG, BSRI, Bangladesh Visit of ADG (Process Engineering)
Visit of Dr B.S. Bisht, VC, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar Visit of Prof. J.P. Pandey, Acting-VC and Director Research, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar


International and National Training on Jaggery

Trainees from Sri Lanka Trainees from Kenya and Jordan
Trainees from Bangladesh Participants of Winter School
Farmers’ training on jaggery manufacturing

Incharge: Dr S I Anwar