Committed for an efficient, globally competitive and vibrant sugarcane agriculture


The Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research has a well developed farm with elaborated and proper connectivity of roads. The total area of the farm is 186.5 ha and area under cultivation is 125.16 ha to conduct research experiments. The farm is equipped with 13 tube-wells with interconnected underground irrigation channels, 7 tractors with implements and machines for various field operations and 8 pairs of bullocks. To manage this farm and its resources, the institute has an independent farm section which facilitates research activities by providing logistic support including inputs, farm equipments and other resources for field experimentation. To conduct all field experiments there is a need of a certain area of land, labourers, irrigation, farm inputs and other resources like farm machinery, tools and bullock pairs. The farm section arranges all these resources, maintains and provides to different scientific divisions as per their requirement. Apart from this the farm section maintains the entire farm and keeps it presentable by cleaning road sides, bunds and channels properly. This unit is also engaged to generate revenue by producing quality seed of sugarcane and other produces like wheat, paddy, mustard, gram etc.


  • To develop into a well equipped, scientifically managed modern research farm.


  • To maximize production, productivity and profit of margin, reduce the cost of cultivation of sugarcane as well as other crops grown at institute and face the challenges of labour scarcity through mechanization and operational precision.

Thrust Areas

To provide Logistic support for conducting field experiments

  • Services of tractors
  • Farm machinery
  • Manure and Fertilizers
  • Agro-chemicals- pesticides, weedicides, micro-nutrients etc.
  • Services of bullock pairs

Seed production

  • Sugarcane
  • Wheat
  • Paddy

Disposal of farm produce and revenue generation

  • Sugarcane
  • Wheat
  • Paddy
  • Gram
  • Mustard
  • Cane juice
  • Bael
  • Awanla
  • Mango

Procurement and distribution of farm inputs

  • Farm machinery
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Weedicides
  • Micro-nutrients

Maintenance and repairing of irrigation sources and system

  • Lifting and lowering of the submersible pump
  • Fitting of valves
  • Repairing of panel board of submersible pump
  • Repairing/replacement of PVC irrigation pipes

Maintenance and minor repairing of farm machinery and implements

  • Welding of farm implements
  • Sharpening of farm tools
  • Repairing of tractor trailers
  • Maintenance of Weigh Bridge
  • Minor servicing and repairing of tractors and combine harvester

Development and maintenance of the farm

  • Clearing the bushes and levelling of undulated part of the farm
  • Minor levelling of the fields by laser leveller
  • Clearing the farm roads by tractor operated grass cutter
  • Use of non-selective systemic weedicide by tractor operated sprayer pump

Improvement of soil fertility

  • Green mannuring of fields by Dhaincha crop
  • Procurement and application of press mud
  • Cop planning with crop rotation

Labour management

  • By using the services of Jail inmates
  • Labourers hired on job contract basis

Management of live-stock

  • Arrangement of feed and fodder for 8 pairs of bullocks
  • Up- keep of bullocks


  • To assist the research activities and field experimentations by proving all logistic support required for smooth functioning of the institute.
  • All resources related with the farm activities are arranged by the farm section to facilitate the research experiments.
  • To assist research activities the farm section manages field preparation and arranges irrigation facilities.
  • To keep farm presentable.


  • To provide all facilities required for field experimentation.
  • Seed production of sugarcane.
  • Revenue generation to fill up the targets assigned by the ICAR.

In-charge : Dr B B Joshi

Staff of the Farm Section