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Extension & Training Unit

Extension and Training Unit conduct researches in emerging areas of technology transfer approaches. Being mouth piece of the Institute, the Unit executes several programmes of sugarcane technology transfer viz., training for different clientele groups, on and off station demonstrations on sugarcane production technology, exposure visit of farmers/development personnel/govt. officials, information dissemination through mass media, publication and distribution of extension literatures etc.

Major activities of the Unit

  • Development and execution of innovative training modules.
  • Linkages with sugar industry and govt. development departments for collaborative research and Tot programmes for adoption of sugarcane technology by the farmers.
  • Information dissemination through print and electronic media.
  • Conducting FLDs on farmers’ fields.
  • On-station demonstration of sugarcane production technology.
  • Assessment of sugarcane technologies under real farming situations.
  • Feedback analysis of IISR technology.
  • Conduct exposure visit of different clietele groups.
  • Enrichment of human resource skills in scientific cane cultivation.
  • Highlighting events organised at IISR through mass media.
  • Showcasing of Institute’s technology at National, Regional and State level.

Staff of the Unit

  1. Dr. A. K. Sah, Principal Scientist and In-charge
  2. Dr Kamta Prasad, Senior Scientist
  3. Shri A. K. Singh, Sr. Technical Officer
  4. Shri Nar Singh, Technical Officer
  5. Shri Sudhir Kumar, Technical Assistant (T-2)
  6. Shri Sushil Kumar, SSS
  7. Shri Vipin Dhavan, Photographer (as and when required)

Training programme for Development personnel and farmers

21 days National Training Programme